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  : 012751579
  : House No. 40B, Street 662, Sangkat Boeng Salang, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh Capital, Kingdom of Cambodia Email: Tel: 012 97 44 11 / 017 95 85 85 / 086 888 123 / 010 70 70 55

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Tel : 012751579
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House No. 40B, Street 662, Sangkat Boeng Salang, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh Capital, Kingdom of Cambodia


Tel: 012 97 44 11 / 017 95 85 85 / 086 888 123 / 010 70 70 55

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PERFECT TRANSLATION has currently, implicitly been rated as one of the best companies working either on translation or interpretation in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh capital and such evaluation is entirely based on overall word-of-mouth recommendations by our valued customers so far. Truly, PERFECT TRANSLATION has unexpectedly been providing a wide range of translation or interpretation tasks, involving various major languages; including, but not limited to Khmer-English, Khmer- French, Khmer-Chinese, Khmer- Japanese, Khmer- Thai, Khmer- Vietnamese, and many other unspecified languages are also available to offer by us upon request. With its more than 10-year experience handing any translation or interpretation project of any language, any sector and any format  with its personal touch, dating back to the late 2007, PERFECT TRANSLATION has built its distinctly prestigious image and therefore enjoyed tremendous supports from its valued customers both domestically and oversea. As usual, our certified highly experienced linguists can translate or interpret in more than 30 languages and each and very translation (regardless of certified or uncertified one) undertaken by us is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No doubt, it is simply true that PERFECT TRANSLATION‘s relatively good translation or interpreting services/outputs enable its customers to communicate quickly and effectively with their customers or business partners likewise and thus further promote their brand by reaching more people; that is why, more and more customers have used and resorted to using our unique services above stated.

Since quality of our output is our principal concern for any project offer by customers regardless of certified or noncertified translation or any type of interpretation service alike and our language offerings are relatively diversified compared to those of the others sharing the same business, no doubt we have well arranged a wide range of highly qualified, professional translators and interpreters with any area of expertise, including alien ones across the globe in place. With such unique translators and interpreters in place, it enables us to distinctly make thing impossible possible in terms of any volume of project, any area of expertise, any unusual language pair involved, any turnaround time, and so force. Therefore, should your language barriers be left unsolved anywhere else, just come and engage us and we will definitely have them broken down instead. That is specifically meant that we never ever let any of our incoming clients be frustrated with our language offerings.

As for the aforesaid, again with our wide and strong network of translators and interpreters available for their services thereof being in place for such volume of project, area of expertise, unusual language pair, etc., we are therefore capable of well dealing with any turnaround time requested which no one can find anywhere else other than us. The said turnaround time currently offered by us is comprised of 03 types at customer’s choice; so-called regular, express and rush services; however, an extra 30% and 50% payment shall be applied respectively for the express service and rush service. 

As it is favorably, geographically located within the heart of the city center, Phnom Penh near landmark Toul Sleng Fire Department, which is mostly homes to various embassies, UN agencies, local and international NGOs, government ministries, government agencies, private companies,  and etc., it makes it perfectly easy for those above mentioned to be accessible to our services. However, we have actually noticed that our customer come from every part of Cambodia’s territories (25 provinces and capital) for our services.

Alternatively, if nobody can find our principal business premises, especially prospective customer from provinces, we can be directly contacted via either our telephone contact numbers or email address or website: Tel: 017 95 85 85 / 012 97 44 11 / 010 70 70 55 / 086 888 123 / 086 69 11 22. Email address: Website:

Making immediate responses to diverse customer in need, we have long offered to provide service of certified translation to the best of our knowledge and belief with our company’s official stamp, together with our translator’s signature to attest that each and every translation project undertaken by us is to the best our knowledge and belief for our company is legally registered under the law of the Kingdom of Cambodia.